Plaque Application

The gift of a plaque honoring military service provides a tangible and memorable expression of gratitude to a veteran that is sure to be cherished. Consider donating a plaque to family member, a friend, a business colleague or a neighbor. And don’t forget to honor your own military service!

Plaque Type

Plaque Order

Size Price Tax Deductible Amount
$1,800.00 $1,648.00
$1,200.00 $1,043.00
$950.00 $818.00

Plaque Proofs

Unframed Price Framed Price
$40.00 $180.00
$35.00 $170.00
$30.00 $160.00
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$ -

Veteran Honor Ceremony

Type Price Description
$175.00 Available to honor your veteran and conducted by the Mt. Soledad Veteran Volunteer. Ceremony's are conducted on Saturday's between 10AM and 12PM

Flag Order

Type Price
Bronze Plaque $ -
Dark Wood $ -
Light Wood $ -

Merchandise Order

Type Price with Shipping

Veteran Information

Veteran Military Experience

The Statement should be approximately 25 words or less and must be directed to the veteran's war record that "tells the story" or the veteran. Do not list what he/she thought of service and lineage(father, son, daughter etc), but explain their service to our country.

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I understand my plaque comes with a free 1 year MSVM membership.